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Caldecott Fostering

We are a family-centered not for profit agency that acts with integrity and authenticity. We were set up in 2008 to cater specifically for young people who needed a higher level of support, and having recognised the vitally important role that good foster families can play in the journey of children in care. As part of the Caldecott Foundation, an organisation with more than one hundred years’ experience of helping the most vulnerable children in the UK, we have an array of resources to call upon. In our belief that each and every young person is an individual, with differing needs and life experiences, we aim to provide all our young people with the very best foster home. We provide tailored therapeutic packages of support for all the children and young people who are cared for by our foster carers. We also offer shared care arrangements for children living in residential care or residential school, who require a foster home for school holidays and weekends.

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